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The Latest from Owl Labs’ Product Webinar

From the Meeting Owl to our latest product, the Owl Bar, Owl Labs has been redefining video conferencing for years. Our ecosystem of devices has continued to grow, which is why Owl recently hosted a Product Webinar in January 2024 that detailed what the current ecosystem of Owl Labs devices looks like, the power of multi-camera pairing, and what some of the core differentiators are that set Owl Labs apart from the competition. 

To truly appreciate what the Owl Labs ecosystem is today, you have to understand where the ecosystem evolved from. In 2017 we introduced the world to the original Meeting Owl, in 2019 we built upon those learnings and unveiled the Meeting Owl Pro. In 2020, we added dual Owl pairing, which brought hybrid meeting support to larger groups. In 2021 we released the Whiteboard Owl to bring brainstorming into the hybrid realm of work. In 2022 we released our most powerful Meeting Owl yet, the Meeting Owl 3, and added audio range via the Expansion Mic. In 2023, we released our latest product, the Owl Bar. Together, the Owl Bar + Meeting Owl 3 bring multi-camera pairing into any meeting space. 

Here’s a quick overview of our current device offerings:

  • Meeting Owl 3: The Meeting Owl 3 is our 360-degree conference camera, mic, and speaker at the heart of our device ecosystem. 
  • Owl Bar: The Owl Bar is our front-of-room camera, mic, and speaker that effortlessly pairs with the Meeting Owl 3 to offer a front-and-center experience. 
  • Whiteboard Owl: The Whiteboard Owl is our dedicated whiteboard camera that pairs with the Meeting Owl Pro or 3 so remote team members can easily view an in-room whiteboard.
  • Expansion Mic: The expansion mic connects with only the Meeting Owl 3 to extend its audio pick-up range by 8 feet, so everyone seated at longer tables can be heard clearly. 


Multi-camera pairing

One of the core differentiators for Owl Labs is our front + center video-conferencing solutions. By having multiple cameras working together, we can capture every angle in a meeting room, ensuring that all meeting participants can be clearly seen and heard no matter where they are. 

Smart tech

Automatic speaker-framing, speaker-focus, and camera-switching seamlessly show remote participants the best view of the room at the right time. Owl Labs is committed to consistently pushing the boundaries of hybrid technology through regular software updates, which means that our devices actually get better over time. 

Technology that scales to support any space

Owl Labs technology wirelessly pairs and communicates to support all of your spaces. Owl is the first and only vendor in-market to wirelessly pair video conferencing cameras in the same space. 

Proven track record of industry disruption 

Owl Labs has been disrupting the video conferencing industry for years. We were the first to offer an AI-powered 360° smart video conferencing device. The first to offer a front-and-center video conferencing solution. The number one USB video conferencing camera on Amazon and the number three brand in Frost & Sullivan’s USB video conferencing camera category. Owl Labs has even received awards for innovation from CES, Time, Fast Company, and more. 

What’s New

  • The Owl Bar or the Meeting Owl can now act as the primary device when paired. This gives you even more options when it comes to customizing your space!
  • We’ve added additional room views for the Owl Bar. 
  • The Owl Bar and Whiteboard Owl can now pair together. 

What’s Coming

  • We are continuously improving the Owl Intelligence System (OIS) to facilitate enhanced eye contact and faster camera switching. 
  • We’ve added more customization settings.
  • The ability to schedule software updates for specific dates and times through the Nest. 

This webinar also provided an overview of our fleet management system, the Nest. The Nest offers a dashboard that provides device analytics, bulk device setting management, updates, and more. To learn more about the Nest, check out this blog that takes a deeper dive.  

The evolution of Owl Labs’ video conferencing solutions took center stage in the January 2024 Product Webinar. From the iconic Meeting Owl to the cutting-edge Owl Bar, our ecosystem has continually expanded to meet the demands of hybrid workspaces. The webinar unveiled exciting updates, including enhanced customization and improvements to the Owl Intelligence System, reinforcing our commitment to innovative and seamless collaboration. 

If you missed the original webinar, worry not! This blog will provide a detailed overview of the webinar, and you can watch a recording of the webinar in its entirety here