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Farmers’ protest: a gathering of the Samyukta Kisan Morcha

Peasant organizers called off the Delhi Chalo march on Wednesday afternoon after a protester died of a head injury on the Haryana border. On February 21, a protester was killed in a clash between protesters and security personnel in the Khanaur border area. It said that on Friday evening the farmers’ leaders will assess the situation and announce the next course of action.Also, a fight broke out between protesting farmers and the Haryana Police during the Delhi Chalo March at the Data Singh-Khanaur border. . at least 12 police officers were injured. At the Data Singh-Khanaur border, the protesters ambushed the police from all sides and set fire to straws containing chilli powder, severely obstructing their breathing and vision.

  • Haryana Police said the ongoing protest by farmers has led to the death of even many. three policemen.
  • Haryana police sub-inspector Vijay Tohana, who was posted at the Tohana border after the farmers’ ‘Delhi Chalo’ march, died suddenly on Wednesday due to deterioration in his health.
  • The leaders of the tri-state agriculture union in Haryana . , Punjab and Uttar Pradesh started protests against the government, claiming that the MSP was legally secured.
  • Despite four rounds of negotiations, there has been little progress in finding a middle ground between the federal government and farmers.
  • On Wednesday, the central government contacted union ministers and farmers’ leaders to start a fifth round of negotiations.
  • The center soon after announced that millers will have to pay for sugarcane in the 2024-25 season. , which begins in October, will increase by ₹ 25. to ₹ 340 as they have urged the farmers to end their march and find a middle ground.

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