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The new remote work hotspot

In an unexpected turn of events, Disney World theme parks have become a popular hotspot for remote work. This trend, once dominated by Disney bloggers, has now expanded to include writers, tech professionals, and social media workers. They are embracing the magical environment of Orlando to combine work with leisure, a shift that reflects broader changes in work habits post-pandemic.

The rise of remote work at Disney World

The phenomenon began gaining traction after Disney World reopened in late 2020, following a temporary closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. AJ Wolfe, who runs the Disney Food Blog, noted a significant increase in remote workers at the parks. Wolfe attributes this to the “blurring between conventional workspaces and leisure time” that the pandemic has accelerated. People are looking for ways to work while enjoying activities they love, and Disney World offers an ideal setting for such a lifestyle.

Why Disney World?

Wolfe suggests that many remote workers are drawn to Disney World because it allows them to be closer to a place that makes them happy. Living near or having easy access to Disney World provides a unique advantage: workers can quickly transition from work to play. While unsuitable for everyone, this setup is particularly appealing to those in creative professions where the vibrant atmosphere can spark new ideas.

Personal experiences and insights

Jenna Clark, a writer who previously documented her experience for Business Insider, found Disney World to be an inspiring work environment. The lively ambiance and the multitude of guests provided her with ample material for brainstorming and developing story ideas. However, she did mention a downside: the limited availability of indoor seating. To work comfortably in air-conditioned areas, Clark advised having some cash on hand to purchase items, which could secure a spot indoors.

Financial considerations

An annual pass is essential for remote workers planning to make Disney World their office. The cost of an annual pass to access all four theme parks is approximately $1,500. This investment allows for frequent visits and the flexibility to work from various park locations.

Documenting the Disney work experience

Many remote workers at Disney World are sharing their experiences on social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Reddit. They offer valuable tips on the best spots to work from, how to navigate the parks efficiently, and how to balance work schedules with park activities. This community-driven content helps newcomers make the most of their remote work setup at Disney World.


The trend of working remotely from Disney World is a testament to the changing nature of workspaces in the post-pandemic world. As people seek to integrate their work with their passions, unconventional environments like theme parks are becoming viable options. While it may not suit every profession, the combination of productivity and joy is unmatched for those in it. As more remote workers flock to Disney World, this magical kingdom continues to evolve, offering fun and entertainment and a unique and inspiring workplace.