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Offshore outsourcing at Etech Global Services: A strategic move

Survival in the ever-changing corporate environment depends on one’s capacity for adaptation. During the Future Workforce Podcast conversation with Liam Martin, Matt Rocco from Etech Global Services shared a fascinating story about change. When automation and self-service technology developed and call volumes began to decline, Etech strategically decided to move its business model to offshore outsourcing. 

This courageous decision not only revived their business but also set the stage for a successful entry into the outsourcing sector.

An overview of offshore outsourcing

For Etech, the move to offshore outsourcing was a well-planned strategy, not just a response to hardship. In an effort to reduce expenses and increase efficiency, Etech purchased a call center business in Texas. 

Their attempt to provide outsourcing services to telecom companies was the initial stage in their offshore journey.

Navigating challenges

There were difficulties in the early days of offshore outsourcing. Challenges faced by Etech included poorer agents in India, problems with accents, and differences in culture. 

Not to be discouraged, they addressed these problems head-on. Recognizing the importance of clear communication, Etech focused on teaching agents how to overcome their accents.

Additionally, they implemented innovative measures like having TV screens playing English-speaking channels in their centers, fostering an environment conducive to linguistic acumen.

Strategic moves

Etech’s journey into offshore outsourcing was not a single leap but a series of strategic moves. They began by relocating internal jobs to India, including back-office tasks and quality monitoring. 

This allowed them to test the waters and fine-tune their operations. 

Bell South gave us the first opportunity to handle some voice work for them in India. By 2005, Etech felt confident enough to handle voice work in India, initiating a small pilot project with 25 agents. This pilot project swiftly scaled up to over 500 agents by the end of the year, marking a significant milestone in Etech’s offshore outsourcing endeavors.

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Embracing diversity in services

Etech’s success story in India wasn’t limited to voice services alone. They found an additional avenue for success by venturing into chat services. 

The unique capabilities of Indian agents, particularly in using canned responses and handling free-form communication, made them adept at managing chat services effectively. 

This diversification further strengthened Etech’s position in the outsourcing market.


Etech Global Services’ foray into offshore outsourcing serves as a testament to the power of strategic adaptation. By acknowledging the challenges posed by shifting industry dynamics, Etech not only weathered the storm but emerged stronger than ever. 

Their dedication to addressing linguistic and cultural barriers, combined with a gradual and strategic approach, enabled them to tap into the vast talent pool in India successfully. 

Etech’s journey stands as an inspiration for businesses navigating change, demonstrating how thoughtful investments and a proactive mindset can transform challenges into opportunities in the dynamic world of outsourcing.