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How to Get a Job in Construction With Minimal Experience

Everyone’s life path is different. Not everyone leaves secondary school, enters tertiary education, and becomes qualified in a specific industry. Some people struggle to know what they want to do until circumstances mean they aren’t qualified in anything, merely passionate about a particular type of work.

Sometimes, a lack of qualifications can make it challenging to secure your dream job. However, those interested in the construction industry with minimal experience might secure employment by taking the following actions: 

Look for Construction Jobs Online

Even if you’re not qualified in the construction industry, there’s no reason you can’t look for construction jobs online. Plenty of construction business owners are looking for extra pairs of hands to help speed up their construction projects. Even unskilled labor is often appreciated. 

You won’t find such vacancies unless you look, so browse job sites and see what you can find. You might even create profiles on dedicated construction job websites to make it easier to apply for jobs online.   

Create a Resume

If you don’t yet have a resume, now’s the time to create one. Creating a resume means you have something tangible to give prospective future employers that tells them a little bit about you. Even if you don’t have qualifications, you can list your relevant skills and any past employment and education you have. Resumes also have your contact information, allowing prospective employers to contact you if they have a job opening you’d be suitable for.

Look At Apprenticeships

Even if you never enrolled in tertiary education, that doesn’t mean you can’t become a skilled tradesperson later in life. Many construction businesses work with educational institutes to provide apprenticeship opportunities. 

While you’ll be required to undertake some classroom learning, there is also a great deal of on-the-job training. Apprenticeships can be an excellent option for any passionate learner ready for a career change at any stage of life. 

Explore Manual Labor Opportunities

Sometimes, all you’re looking for is a foot in the door. General labor jobs might not be your first choice, but they can be an excellent learning opportunity to obtain new skills and build industry connections. Most manual labor jobs in construction involve simple labor and cleaning tasks. Align with the right employer, and you can be guided toward a more skilled job in the future. 

Look for Short-Term Positions

Some construction companies aren’t looking for full-time employees. Instead, they need workers on a short-term basis or for the length of a project. As challenging as short-term positions can be for financial stability, they can sometimes be a foot in the door to more permanent jobs in the future. 

If a construction business likes your work ethic, passion for learning, and consistency, they might be willing to keep you on for longer. At a minimum, short-term employment can expose you to new people, allowing you to build meaningful connections for future job opportunities. 


There’s no denying that getting a job in construction with minimal experience can be challenging. Many businesses are looking for qualified tradespeople. However, taking these actions above might pave the way for a bright future in the construction industry.