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Everything you need to know about the Nest

Are you new to Owl Labs’ powerful fleet management platform, The Nest? This innovative tool can be an IT manager’s best friend once you learn what it can do. Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about the Nest, from features to U.I. and analytics. 

The Nest’s Features

Dashboard + Analytics

Upon logging in, The Nest welcomes you with a personalized dashboard, offering a quick overview of outstanding issues and the status of your favorite Owl devices. Real-time updates make it easy to monitor device usage and identify any pending software updates. This dashboard should serve as your one-stop shop for information on select devices.  

Hold on to your feathers because The Nest is where the analytics party kicks off. Want to compare how your Owls are doing? Dive into key data points like device usage and meeting time. It’s not just data; it’s your secret weapon for making savvy tech decisions.

Fleet Management 

Moving to the Devices tab, you’ll find a comprehensive list of your organization’s Owl devices. This is where you’ll find real-time status updates, software versions, and even geographical locations – it’s your Owl hub of information, especially handy for IT superheroes supporting teams scattered across the globe.

Clicking on a specific device leads you to its Details page. Here, you can edit names, initiate updates, and tweak settings such as video enhancements and audio features. Changes happen in a snap, perfect for remote troubleshooting during live meetings.

The Fleet Management tab streamlines settings for your entire fleet. Enable or disable automatic updates, tweak meeting screen logos, and manage data-sharing permissions for your whole organization. Rest assured, Owl Labs prioritizes privacy and doesn’t collect visual or audio data – even with data-sharing permissions enabled.


Owl Labs is always working to improve its products and consistently releases software updates to add new features and improve device performance. By enabling automatic updates from the Fleet Management tab, you ensure that your organization’s flock of Owls are always running the newest software and are ready to support all of your hybrid meetings. 


In the Team tab, collaboration is seamless. Add new members to your Nest account with customizable permissions—Administrators wield broader control, while Members focus on individual device settings.

Wondering if older versions of the Meeting Owl are compatible with the Nest? Yes, they are! The Nest is designed to support all Owl devices. 

The Nest is a powerful fleet management platform that gives you and your team the information they need to get all your Owl devices running as seamlessly and efficiently as possible. We hope this overview of the Nest’s features gives you the confidence you need to embark on your Nest journey and unlock the full potential of your Owl devices!

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