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7 Company Retreat Locations in Queensland For Team Getaway 

Queensland is a treasure trove of natural wonders and cultural delights — from its breathtaking landscapes to its stunning beaches and more. But does it have impressive offerings when it comes to corporate retreat locations in Queensland? 

In the following article, we give you the lowdown on some of the best company retreat locations in the region. We also share insight into the unique features, packages, and more for each of these exciting destinations.

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1. 7 Must-Know Company Retreat Locations in Queensland

1.1. The Ridge at Maleny

Location: Booroobin, Australia

Accommodates: Perfect for small to medium-sized teams.

Pricing: Starts from $328

The Ridge at Maleny is a collection of 13 modern Scandinavian-inspired mountain cabins and villas. Designed for luxury and comfort, each accommodation option offers 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms, fully self-contained with air-conditioning, and situated amidst 300 acres of untouched wilderness. Every cabin offers views of the valley below.

Equipped with full kitchens, wood-burning fireplaces, and luxurious bath/spa baths with separate showers, the cabins ensure a rejuvenating stay for your team. The location of this property allows for uninterrupted focus and productivity. As your team immerses themselves in the serene surroundings and crisp mountain air, they’ll find inspiration. There is also a fully-equipped function center that provides the ideal space for workshops, brainstorming sessions, and team-building activities.

If you are looking for a convenient way to book this property, make your way to CoppaTreat, a smart venue booking platform that has all the essential information like pricing, room availability, types of activities, and more all in one place to simplify the booking process.

1.2. Amara Retreat


Location: Verrierdale, Australia

Accommodates: Perfect for small to medium-sized teams, approximately 15-20 participants.

Pricing: Available upon request

Amara Retreat is an eco-friendly boutique company retreat location in Queensland that offers a sanctuary that’s perfect to recharge and rejuvenate.

They have luxurious eco-villas, each equipped with private plunge pools. The stress of the boardroom melts away as you step into the soothing spa, where expert therapists provide rejuvenating treatments. 

Amara Retreat stands out for its unique blend of sustainability and luxury. From the carefully curated team-building activities — ranging from obstacle courses to scavenger hunts and creative workshops — to tailor-made wellness programs designed to foster harmony and collaboration.. 

Accessibility is a breeze, as it’s just an hour’s drive from Brisbane, making it an ideal choice for a quick corporate getaway. 

1.3. Brookfield Retreat

Company Retreat Locations in Queensland Brookfield Retreat

Location: Brookfield

Accommodates: 10 to 30 persons

Pricing: Available upon request

Brookfield Retreat, a roomy Hideaway Retreat 15 km from Brisbane’s central business district is surrounded by trees and wildlife. It is one of the perfect company retreat locations in Queensland for fostering team bonding and self-discovery. You can also engage in interactive workshops that encourage open communication and personal growth. 

Featuring 9 bedrooms, a sizable games room, bar, cinema, indoor hot tub, massive deep pool, fire pit, log burning fireplace, pavilion, studio, treatment room, and more, the Palm Springs resort-style hideaway was constructed for solitude, lifestyle, and entertainment in the 1970s.

The location is a fantastic getaway and retreat spot for wellness practitioners, and creative workshops. In addition, its peaceful ambiance allows for reflection and encourages creative thinking, making it an excellent choice for strategic planning sessions or goal-setting workshops.

1.4. Executive Retreat


Location: Port Douglas, Australia

Accommodates: Varies depending on the venue size, approximately 10-100 participants

Pricing: Available upon request

In Tropical North Queensland and beyond, Executive Retreats is an excellent choice if you’re looking for plush vacation lodging. They provide clients with an unmatched level of care and a premium inventory of beachfront homes and villas, luxury and lifestyle retreats, and resort-style apartments.

You can also get access to personalized concierge service. Whether it’s arranging team-building activities that challenge and inspire, or creating bespoke menus crafted by gourmet chefs to delight the taste buds, the Executive Retreat leaves no stone unturned in providing the ultimate corporate experience.

With Executive Retreat, you get to pick from a variety of distinctive and opulent locations scattered throughout the northern beaches at Cairns and Mission Beach, in the center of Port Douglas, on private acreages close to the Daintree, as well as the opulent Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia. 

You’ll also be delighted to know that this location is within easy reach of major transport hubs, making it ideal for international teams or executives flying in for a memorable retreat. 

While the capacity varies depending on the venue size, the Executive Retreat can accommodate both small intimate gatherings and larger conferences, making it a versatile choice for your next corporate getaway. 

1.5. Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat

Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat

Location: Malanda, North Queensland

Accommodates: 20 to 30 people

Pricing: Available upon request

Explore the untamed beauty of the Atherton Tablelands at the Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat. Nestled within the World Heritage-listed rainforest, this retreat location offers a truly unique and eco-conscious experience. 

You can engage in team-building activities that showcase the surrounding natural wonders, from guided wildlife tours to rainforest hikes that challenge and connect your team. 

In addition, this company retreat location in Queensland boasts a beautiful function room with floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the pristine wilderness, providing an inspiring setting for workshops and brainstorming sessions.

However, what sets Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat apart is their commitment to preserving the environment while offering top-notch amenities. Your team will have the chance to unwind in harmony with nature, appreciating the flora and fauna that thrive in this unspoiled paradise. 

1.6. Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat


Location: Beechmont, Queensland

Accommodates: 15 to 25 participants

Pricing: Available upon request

Visit the Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat for an all-encompassing wellness vacation that nurtures your body and mind. This tranquil oasis is perched on the edge of a pristine lake, inviting your team to embark on a journey of rejuvenation and self-discovery.

The retreat location’s complete well-being program, which includes guided yoga sessions, meditation workshops, and holistic therapies that encourage relaxation and inner harmony, gives it a unique edge over other company retreat locations in Queensland.

The tranquil lake and lush surroundings create a peaceful ambiance, ideal for team-building activities centered around mindfulness and personal growth. In addition, the Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat fosters a sense of community and well-being among your team members, ultimately enhancing collaboration and communication.

Finally, their accommodation facilities are carefully designed to complement the natural beauty of the surroundings, with 14 airy bedrooms and private balconies that offer stunning views of the lake and gardens.

1.7. Woody Grove Retreat

Woody Grove Retreat

Location: Mapleton, Australia

Accommodates: 15 to 20 people

Pricing: Available upon request

Looking for a rustic escape that’s as unique as your team? Woody Grove Retreat offers you a delightful blend of country charm and adventure. 

Situated in the heart of Queensland’s beautiful countryside, this retreat stands out for its idyllic setting and the authentic farm experience it provides.

Woody Grove Retreat is all about reconnecting with nature and experiencing the joy of farm life. Engage in team-building activities that involve animal feeding, horse riding, and learning the art of sustainable farming. They also offer cozy barn-style meeting spaces, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and creativity amidst the picturesque rural landscape.

The best part of this company retreat location in Queensland is their dedication to authenticity. Woody Grove Retreat accommodations include cozy farm cottages and barn rooms, complete with traditional touches that evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort. 

It’s also worth mentioning that accessibility is a breeze, as it’s easily reachable from nearby towns, making it a fantastic option for local teams looking for a unique corporate retreat.

2. FAQs

2.1. What is a corporate retreat?

A corporate retreat is an escape intended to foster teamwork, unwind, and strategize. Employees can interact, reenergize, and cooperate in a less formal setting as a break from the office environment.

2.2. What do you do at a company retreat?

Teams participate in a variety of activities at a corporate retreat, including team-building exercises, workshops, brainstorming sessions, and outdoor excursions.

2.3. How do you organize a company retreat?

Organizing a company retreat involves several steps. Start by defining the retreat’s objectives and budget. Choose a suitable location that offers engaging activities, workshops, and accommodation.