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6 of the Best IT Management Software Solutions

IT departments are the backbone of any modern company, but they’re only as strong as the software that supports them. They’re responsible for employee technology, company security, data infrastructure, and more. Though their work days may often consist of telling people to “Try turning it off and turning it back on again,”  the support they provide is essential for any company, from large enterprise organizations to new small businesses. 

If you’ve ever struggled with the information technology systems in an enterprise data center, you know the importance of an effective systems management plan. IT management software solutions provide one place that keeps a pulse on all company data and technology. 

IT management software is a suite that guides the way businesses use their technology resources, secure their data, enforce the best technology practices, and generally improve the quality of the service they offer. There are a lot of options out there, but the most efficient ones are few and far between. Maybe you have a small business that’s been hit with an influx of clients and needs help prioritizing. Or maybe this isn’t your company’s first rodeo and you’re looking for a new tech tool to optimize how your back end is organized.

Whatever your need may be, we’re here to steer you in the right direction. We’ve explored the best IT solutions available to determine which ones are the most reliable, intuitive, advantageous, feature-packed, and client-friendly. Here are some of the best IT management software options and the advantages of each system.

Top IT management software solutions for small businesses

1. NetSuite

Source: NetSuite

NetSuite has maintained its reputation as a fan-favorite for over two decades with its practiced business solutions. This software provides a stable platform that streamlines all your back-end processes and prioritizes across-organization visibility. NetSuite empowers businesses to be as operationally efficient as possible. Instead of spending valuable time worrying about back-office systems, NetSuite wants you to focus your energy on revenue-generating decisions while your software does the heavy lifting.

NetSuite uses cloud-based systems, allowing their platform to work for any business, from a startup to a large enterprise. When it comes to choosing the right IT management software solution, empowerment is the name of the game. Which suite will adapt to the company you’ve created while encouraging you to unlock your full growth potential?

2. Freshdesk

Source: Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a go-to IT management software for new and growing businesses. With features like around-the-clock customer support, a robust help desk ticketing system, and day passes for bonus expertise when you’re anticipating a traffic spike, Freshdesk remains one of the highest-rated software solutions among emerging business owners. 

Freshdesk recognizes that startups may not have the staffing that enterprise businesses do, and, as a result, may require more self-service solutions that give customers the tools they need to help themselves. Tools like knowledge bases, FAQs, and AI-driven chatbots are all ways Freshdesk empowers small businesses to tackle their IT needs with a smaller staff. You don’t just have to take our word for it.

According to Nate Clark, Hired.com’s Director of Engineering, support from Freshdesk has been critical to the growth of their support services: “The Freshdesk approach has made it possible to grow our customer service presence virtually seamlessly from department to department, without any significant interruption. Using Freshdesk, we’ve woven a culture of support throughout our company.”

3. mHelpDesk

Source: mHelpDesk

mHelpDesk is an IT management software designed for complete business management automation. From initial customer contact to maintaining long-term client relations, mHelpDesk provides you with a single tool package focused on reliability and functionality. Their tools are also easily accessible in a mobile format because mHelpDesk knows the best small businesses are as active as you are.

Worried about mHelpDesk’s ability to handle all of your data? According to mHelpDesk, “With over a decade of experience building enterprise web applications for the Department of Defense, Army, Marines, GSA, and other very large clients with extensive systems, we’ve got hands-on experience managing mission-critical software systems.”

To date, mHelpDesk has resolved over two billion dollars worth of jobs within their system. From personalized onboarding to cohesive data migration and a robust set of automation options, mHelpDesk remains a premier choice for many enterprise-level organizations.

Top IT management software + monitoring tools

1. Agiloft

Source: Agiloft

Agiloft is a business process management software that uses pre-built and custom modules to help its clients become more efficient. They offer contract management, service desk software, workflows, and task management. 

With confidence in their capabilities and a dedication to customer success, Agiloft prioritizes customer satisfaction. With over 20 years of experience, they boast a 99.6% client success rate, and 97% of their customers renew each year. Aptly named, Agiloft is as agile as IT management solutions come.

2. SolarWinds Service Desk

Source: SolarWinds Service Desk

When you think “modern service desk”, think SolarWinds Service Desk, formerly Samanage. SolarWinds is a cloud-based and AI-powered IT service management (ITSM) platform built to maximize productivity and accelerate resolution – perfect for startups or enterprise-level organizations alike. 

Not only have they been consistently recognized as one of the world’s best IT service desk platforms by their peers and customers, but thanks to thousands of highly-rated reviews they have won multiple industry awards. If you still aren’t convinced, here is what one satisfied user had to say, “This is a great ITSM. They have a lot of the features of big name systems but without the high cost. If you’re looking for an ITSM that will get the job done, here it is.”

A smart service desk is the first step toward having a completely smart office. Tools like SolarWinds Service Desk allow your IT department to anticipate and prevent problems before they happen by monitoring dashboards and reporting.

3. Cherwell IT Service Management

Source: Cherwell

When you think of your ideal IT management software solutions, you think of three things: flexibility, accessibility, and options. If you choose Ivanti, you can “Gain a comprehensive understanding of your endpoint environment by providing a unified view of all endpoints, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and other internet-connected devices.

From its expansive dashboards to its premiere self-service portal, Ivanti is as easy to configure and customizable as they come. Over 40,000 customers worldwide currently rely on Ivanti for their IT support needs.

 While choosing an IT management software is a big decision, ultimately, you will be glad you chose to get your company’s technology in the hands of a smart tool. IT permeates into every department at your company and can greatly affect your bottom line when it’s not optimized for your growth stage and company size. There’s always room for reducing manual work and adding more protection to your company’s precious data. And hey, you’ll reduce support tickets when software empowers employees to solve their own problems. Win-win!

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