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35 Best Virtual Team Building Activities For Remote Workplaces

In this post we’ll walk you through all our favorite virtual team building activities including:

  • The Best Virtual Team Building Activities
  • Quick Virtual  Team Building Activities
  • Free Virtual Team Building Activities
  • Virtual Icebreaker Activities
  • Virtual Trivia Activities
  • Virtual Food Activities
  • Virtual Fitness and Health Activities 

The Best Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Escape Rooms

Time: 60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Improved team-work and collaboration

Fun Factor: Very High

If you want to treat your remote team to an exhilarating team building activity from the comfort of their home it’s hard to go past a virtual escape room. A virtual escape room is basically a themed online game where an expert host will guide you through intricate puzzles, clues and codes as your team races against the clock.

These games are a ton of fun and you can fit them into as little as an hour. The best thing is they are fully organized and hosted by professionals, so you can have a ton of fun without having to lift a finger.

You can find a ton of virtual escape rooms out there, but our absolute favorite is Alchemist Escape Room hosted by Hooray Teams.

Our team had an absolute blast playing this game. The 360-degree virtual reality room view allowed us to explore every corner and uncover hidden secrets, while the multiplayer collaborative interface kept us engaged and working together to solve the mystery. The real-time props inventory added an extra layer of excitement, making us feel like true adventurers.  

If the theme doesn’t seem quite right for you, Hooray Teams offers tons of other virtual escape rooms including a mafia themed escape room and one set in a medieval dungeon.

Check out more awesome virtual escape rooms.

Murder Mysteries

Murder at the Manor Hooray Teams

Time: 60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Improved team-work and critical thinking

Fun Factor: Very High

Virtual Murder Mystery games are another awesomely fun activity that you and your remote team can enjoy from anywhere in the world. Murder Mystery games involve you and your team being assigned characters and acting out a devious mystery. You’ll have to find clues, question witnesses and put your deduction skills to the test by trying to solve the mystery and complete your own secret agenda.

There are various murder mystery packs you can buy online, but to make the most of your activity we recommend organizing a professionally hosted virtual murder mystery where an experienced host will be able to set the mood, guide you through the activity and keep your event running smoothly without you having to shoulder the burden.

Hooray Teams offers excellent virtual murder mysteries where their vibrant hosts will expertly build tension and set the scene while guiding you through the mystery so everyone has the best time possible. Our favorite murder mystery game is their Murder at the Manor event which is a classic murder mystery right out of Clue, but if you want something a little different then we recommend pouring a drink and checking out the Virtual Speakeasy Murder Mystery.

Check out more exhilarating Virtual Murder Mysteries

Virtual Scavenger Hunts 

Time: 60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Quick thinking and team bonding

Fun Factor: Very High

If you are looking for thrilling virtual team building activities to bring out everyone’s competitive side, then a Virtual Scavenger Hunt is a stellar choice. 

Virtual Scavenger Hunts involve you and your team being given a list of items to discover, and then racing against the clock to find them first. These can be a bit tricky to pull off, so if you want to enjoy an expertly crafted scavenger hunt with fun but achievable challenges that are guaranteed to delight your team and kickstart conversation we recommend getting in touch with a professional virtual events provider such as Hooray Teams who offer our favorite Virtual Scavenger Hunt.

If you decide you’d rather host the activity yourself, here are some ideas for items to hunt for to get you started:

  • Coin from a foreign country
  • A coffee mug with an inspirational quote
  • A keychain with an animal or bird figurine 
  • A spice or herb from the kitchen 
  • Unique wine or liquor bottle
  • A retro sunglass 

Take a look at all our favorite Virtual Scavenger Hunts.

Jackbox Party Games

Time: 30-60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform, Jackbox Party Pack

Benefits: Entertainment and camaraderie

Fun Factor: Very High

Jackbox games include a wide variety of virtual team building games that are goofy and fun. One team member should download and stream the app using the screen share feature, so other team members can view it. Other participants can utilize their phones to access their own game rooms on the website. 

This quick team building activities virtual includes various types of games like drawing and writing challenges along with virtual trivia games such as the classic ‘You Don’t Know Jack’ that features snarky and hilarious questions. Some of the fun games you can play with your team on Jackbox include Trivia Murder Party, Quiplash, Talking Points and Fibbage.

Bonus tip: Take a look at this blog post that explains and reviews each game, so you can choose wisely!

Virtual Painting Class

Time: 60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform, paints, brushed, canvases

Benefits: Creativity and relaxation

Fun Factor: High

Tap into your inner Picasso and express your unique personal style with a Virtual Painting Class from Hooray Teams. In this virtual team-building activity, a friendly expert will help you and your team apply your own personalized design on a canvas. You and your team will learn about painting techniques and create our very own masterpiece. 

Additionally, they will deliver an art kit straight to your doorstep with a high-quality canvas, an array of paints, and a set of brushes so you don’t have to worry about rounding up all the supplies yourself. You can even get an additional bottle of wine to turn your painting class into a relaxing paint and sip session. You will get around 60 minutes to be guided through your painting so you can have a wonderful artistic experience without eating up too much of your day. 

If you want something a little bit different, Hooray Teams also offers Tote Bag Painting Classes and Paint Your Pet Classes.

Check out more artistic team building activities.

Virtual Origami Classes

Time: 60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform, origami paper

Benefits: Improved creativity and relaxation

Fun Factor: Very High

Add a unique artistic flair to your virtual team building activities by running a Virtual Origami Class with Hooray Teams. An expert artist will teach you and your team this beautiful Japanese art of paper folding. You will learn tips and tricks to transform a simple sheet of paper into flowers, animals, geometric shapes, cranes, unicorns, and more. 

Don’t worry if you do not have prior experience, as this class is designed for all skill levels, from newbies to origami pros. You and your team will leave the class not only with fantastic origami skills but also fond memories of this relaxing experience. 

Bonus tip: Encourage team members to showcase their finished origami creations at the end of the class by taking photos and sharing them. 

Company Retreats

Time: ≈ 1 week

Benefits: Ultimate team building experience

Fun Factor: Unbeatable

Virtual team building activities are a great way to bridge the gap between your remote workplace and help your team forge stronger connections with each other. As valuable as all these activities are, there’s ultimately no better way to reward your team and bring them closer together by getting together for a truly special company retreat where you can meet each other in person, engage in high-level planning and decision making that can difficult from afar, and participate in a ton of in-person team building activities.

Organizing a company retreat can be a daunting task, but luckily for you the team at CoppaTreat are here to help, with their network of retreat destinations and bespoke retreat planning service they make planning and booking your retreat a walk in the park.

Find out what your team retreat could look like.

Quick Virtual Team Building Activities

Minute to Win It Games

Time: 1+ mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Energizing your team

Fun Factor: Very High

If you’re looking for some quick and easy team building games that you can sprinkle in to any part of your workday then there’s so no better option than playing some lively and amusing Minute to Win It games. These games for team meetings are inspired by NBC’s game show Minute to Win it where contestants have one minute each to complete a maximum number of tasks to win a cash prize. You and your team can complete the task using household or party items available at their homes and move on to the next challenge upon successfully completing the same. Scores are allotted accordingly, and the individual/ team with the highest score in the end wins. 

For every game, make sure to use a timer, like on a clock or your phone. Let everyone know when the time starts and stops, and if you can, put an on-screen timer or show the ticking clock. Note down the times when each round starts and ends so you can keep track of scores.

Take a look at 25 of the best Minute to Win It Games

Desk Yoga

Time: 5 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Relaxation, positive health outcomes

Fun Factor: Medium

Working from a desk all day can take its toll on your body, which is why it’s so important to regularly stretch throughout the day. Guiding your team through a five-minute chair yoga routine is a great way to break up the monotony of the day, reduce stress, and help your team remain physically and mentally healthy.

A quick chair yoga session can be perfectly placed at the start of the workday, as a mid-meeting pause or any other time. There are lots of chair yoga videos you can use as inspiration, but if you want to really set yourself up for success you might want to consider kicking things off with an hour long professionally hosted chair yoga session to familiarize yourself with the practice before having a go on your own.

Check out some more virtual yoga sessions for your team.

Quickfire Questions

Time: 5 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Alertness, quick thinking

Fun Factor: High

A great activity to whip out when energy seems low and you don’t have a ton of time up your sleeve is a quick trivia game where you shout out questions and your team has to race to answer them.

This is a perfect way to wake everyone up with a fun, lighthearted and mentally stimulating team building game.

Have a peak at some quick, fun trivia questions to try out.

Virtual Bingo

Time: 10+ mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform, bingo cards

Benefits: Relaxation and team bonding 

Fun Factor: High

Looking for a fun game to play at the end of the day or in-between meetings? Playing a game of bingo might be the quick and easy solution you’re after. A host calls out random numbers and participants have to cross out the numbers available on their cards. Whoever finishes 5 rows (either vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) first, wins!

Instead of sticking to the usual number system, you can add some excitement by creating amusing, odd, and engaging statements that your remote team can connect with.

For instance:

  • Wore pajama bottoms during a conference call
  • Has worked from the sofa
  • Did house chores during a work break
  • Took a nap during lunch break
  • Had a pet interrupt a video call
  • Listened to music while completing tasks

Bonus tip: You can generate customized bingo boards for free using a bingo card generator. Additionally, you can download free templates from the same site.

Learn more about hosting a bingo party

Play Spotify Roulette

Play spotify roulette

Time: 10-15 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform, Spotify

Benefits: Relaxation and team bonding 

Fun Factor: High

This is one of our absolute favorite virtual team-building activities to play during meetings. The rules are simple: one person starts by thinking of a word or phrase, like “Firefly”. Then, using Spotify, we search for that word and play the first song that matches our criteria. We prioritize artists with the word in their name, followed by top songs from matching artists or albums. 

We keep the music going and the fun rolling as each person takes turns suggesting words or phrases until we find a search result with no matches. Sometimes, we stumbled over nostalgic classics that everyone loves, while other times, we ended up with hilariously mismatched or crazy tunes that sparked laughter and conversation. It’s a fun game that can last for as little or as much time as you want, making it perfect to kick off a meeting or play during a virtual happy hour.

Bonus tip: Make it a recurring event by selecting unique themes such as 80s night, songs about work, Mashups, pub favorites, and more.

Keep the music theme going with virtual karaoke events for outgoing teams.

Free Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Charades

Time: 30+ mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform, Spotify

Benefits: Improved communication and healthy competition 

Fun Factor: Very High

Everyone, at some point, has played charades, be it at home or school. But who says the fun stays limited to friends and family only? You can recreate the fun by playing virtual charades with your workplace.

Split the workplace into two teams, with one member acting out a word or phrase on camera while the others guess. Keep track of the score, and the group with the highest points is declared as the winner. This is perfect for virtual teams seeking an entertaining and competitive game that you can play anytime.

Bonus tip: Use charades apps like Kabuki to avoid the hassle of coming up with fun phrases or words while also keeping track of time and score. 

Get more tips for playing virtual charades in your next meeting.

Virtual Pictionary

Time: 30-60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform, pencils and paper

Benefits: Creative thinking and team bonding

Fun Factor: High

This is one of the simple yet fun virtual team building activities for remote teams. In this game, one player picks a card from a box containing a deck of drawing cards with a word or phrase printed on it. The player then draws a picture representing the printed word or phrase without using numbers, letters, sign language, or any other clues. Other team members must try to guess what word or phrase that drawing represents within the specified time limit. 

If an image seems too hard to guess, then you can get a hint button to make the game easier. Here are some different themes you can use for “Guess My Sketch”:

  • Nature & wildlife
  • Food & drink
  • Travel 
  • Everyday objects
  • Sports 
  • Holidays 

You can also use tools like Skribbl.io or sketchful to make the game more interactive and fun.

Take the stress out of hosting virtual Pictionary by booking in for a professionally hosted event with Hooray Teams.

Read My Lips

Time: 30-60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Improved communication and team bonding

Fun Factor: High

Another fun virtual group activity is Read My Lips challenge, which creates lots of fun and laughter at your remote workplace. In this virtual team building game, participants will be grouped into two where one acts as a lipper (who silently mouths the words) and the other person as a lip reader. One player must try to guess words and phrases by watching the lip movements of others.

This is the time when many laughs usually happen because most of the guesses can be hilarious! The person acting as the lipper can’t make any noise or gestures with their body. If they do, their team loses. 

Bonus tip: To further enhance the experience, participants can wear noise-canceling headphones to ensure they focus completely on reading lips.

Host a Virtual Talent Show

Time: 15-90 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Improved communication and stronger team bonds

Fun Factor: High

Everyone has a secret talent, but most people in a workplace, especially a remote workplace, won’t know each other’s. Hosting a virtual talent show is a great way to encourage your team to come out of their shells and get to know each other a little better.

Someone might have the voicer of an angel, play an instrument or even be a part-time magician. Now’s your chance to find out with this fun and completely free team building activity that is perfect for appreciating the diversity in your workplace and building camaraderie. 

You can host these talent shows on video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Teams in one big show, or you might want to spread it out more and have a different team member take the spotlight and show off their talent every week.  

Get more ideas for hosting a virtual talent show.

Host the “Dundie Awards” 

Time: 30-60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Entertainment and improved morale

Fun Factor: High

Remember the hilarious Dundie Awards from The Office? Bring the same concept to your workplace and award your coworkers with quirky, fun awards that show your appreciation for your team while also having a laugh. Of course, you could opt for awards such as ‘Best Performer’ and ‘Employee of the Year’’—much like the usual fare at every virtual office party’s awards night. But why not get creative this time? Think outside the box with awards like:

  • Early Bird Award 
  • Sorry I Was on Mute Award
  • Social Butterfly Award
  • Busy Bee Award
  • On A Call Award
  • Ps & Qs Award 

Bonus tip: Take your Dundies Awards to the next level by designing each award in a fun and personalized way! 

Virtual Pet Parade

Time: 15+ mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform, pets

Benefits: Entertainment and team bonding

Fun Factor: Very High

Here is a fun virtual team event where proud pet owners of your team can bring their adorable friends for a digital show. Participants will get a chance to introduce their furry, feathery, or scaly companions to the whole team. This is also a light-hearted opportunity to share amusing stories, mischievous antics, or heartwarming moments about your pets. 

You could also transform it into a fun activity by organizing a fancy dress competition. Participants will adorn their pets in fancy attire, and the one with the most stylish outfit will emerge as the winner. This will enhance the fun and entertainment factor of the event.

You can run a pet parade as a delightful once-off event, or get one team member to show off their pet each week to turn it into a regular occurance.

Bonus tip: For the teammates without pets, encourage them to share photos of a childhood pet or their dream pet so they can also be a part of the fun. 

Host a Book Club

Time: 30-60 min sessions

Tools: Video conferencing platform, books

Benefits: Personal development and increased productivity

Fun Factor: High

For the bibliophiles in your team, try setting up a remote book club as part of your company’s virtual team building activities. You could start a book club to review various books during your virtual coffee breaks. It allows book enthusiasts to have interesting discussions on themes, plots, character developments, and much more. 

You can continue this habit by choosing a new book every month and encouraging meaningful discussion among team members.  Consider allocating roles, such as note-taker or discussion leader to different team members to have a better sense of collaboration. Also, create a Slack channel where everyone can share their thoughts or insights as they read. 

You can even focus the books on productivity or topics in your industry so your book club activities can directly translate into improved business outcomes.

Bonus tip: You can send a survey beforehand asking the employees what genres they prefer and which book they’d like to review. 

Get Involved With a Charity

Time: Ongoing

Tools: None

Benefits: Personal development and team bonding

Fun Factor: High

Let’s admit it – the giving-back element is often lacking in typical corporate virtual team building activities. Team up with your coworkers to help raise funds for a worthy cause and work together as a team. You and your team can choose a meaningful cause like animal shelters, local food banks, care homes, clothing donation centers, or disaster relief efforts and raise funds or materials to help these organizations. Engaging in charitable virtual team building games activities brings lasting benefits to your employees and makes a significant difference in the lives of those in need.

Bonus tip: We recommend partnering with platforms like GoFundMe or CrowdRise and encouraging monetary donations at the workplace. 

Virtual Team Building Icebreakers

Virtual Icebreaker Games

Time: 60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Team bonding and improved collaboration

Fun Factor: Very High

Icebreaker activities can often be incorporated into the day-to-day operations of your workplace, but if you have a group of remote employees who will be working collaboratively but don’t really know each other, you might want to put more energy into breaking the ice by running one of Hooray Teams’ Virtual Icebreaker Games.

These 60 minute sessions involve a collection of professionally hosted games and activities that have been expertly designed to break the ice, help your team get to know each other and drastically improve communication. This is a great way to break down those virtual barriers and turn your remote team into a well-oiled machine before you tackle your next project.

Check out these other icebreaker activities from Hooray Teams

Virtual Icebreaker Riddles

Time: 10+ mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Mental engagement and critical thinking

Fun Factor: High

Nobody wants yet another cliché icebreaker, right? So, let’s spice up your next free virtual team building activities with a twist – a riddle icebreaker. Make your virtual team icebreaker session all about guessing and giggling with some interesting and fun riddles. For this game, divide your team members into teams and let one person host the game. Prepare a list of riddles that are tough yet solvable. 

A few examples of riddle icebreaker game include:

  • “I have branches, but no fruit, trunk or leaves. What am I?”
  • “What do you own, yet your friends use more than you do?”
  • “What has pores but can still hold water?”
  • “What has a head and a tail, but no body?

Get more ideas for breaking the ice with fun, virtual activities.

Two Truths and a Lie

Time: 5+ mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Team bonding and camaraderie 

Fun Factor: High

This classic icebreaker game involves members of your team taking the spotlight and saying three facts about themselves. Two of which are true, and one that’s a lie. The rest of the team then has to figure out which is which.

This is a great way to use a fun, simple game as a way for your team to get to know each other and bond over surprising facts and interesting tidbits. And it’s easy to fit into the smallest amount of time making it perfect for kicking off meetings and warming up your team for the day.

Take a look at our favorite icebreaker riddles.

Virtual Team Building Trivia

Virtual Team Trivia Showdown

Time: 60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Mental engagement and team bonding

Fun Factor: Very High

Have a team of trivia buffs? Get the competitive energy flowing and the brains working by hosting a virtual trivia night for your remote team.

For the complete trivia experience, check out this Virtual Trivia event from Hooray Teams. Their lively host will guide you and your team through 4-5 rounds of trivia based on movies, pop culture, series, holidays, and more. What makes this event truly special is that they can even customize the questions specifically for your team based on your interests, preferences and fun facts. 

The questions can be anything: what’s the weirdest food combination someone likes? What’s the oddest phobia someone on your team has? If your team could time travel, which era would you collectively visit first? 

This is a perfect way to enjoy some quality time with your team in a fun environment that’s suitable for work and helps your team get to know each other better.

If you want to sit out the competition and host the trivia yourself, here are some awesome ideas for questions you can ask. But be warned: coming up with questions, hosting the event, tallying scores and keeping the game running smoothly is more work than you might think.

Pop Culture Jeopardy 

Hooray Teams Pop Culture Jeopardy

Time: 60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Teamwork and increased camaraderie

Fun Factor: Very High

Gather your colleagues to engage in an epic battle of wits by joining Virtual Pop Culture Jeopardy by Hooray Teams. In this virtual team building activity, you and your team will break out into teams and compete through multiple rounds of virtual trivia questions while an engaging host will present answers and ask participants to frame questions that match them. 

You and your team will compete in fast-paced rounds of Jeopardy-style questions in 4-5 brain-teasing rounds. Hit the buzzer as fast as you can and help your team win as many points before the clock runs out and don’t forget to enjoy the laughs between the wounds. 

Hooray Teams have the option to customize your Jeopardy session based on various categories such as:

  • Movies
  • Music
  • Art
  • History
  • Sports
  • Books 

Bonus tip: You can help your introverted or less connected team members feel more confident by picking topics they know a lot about, whether related to work or their personal interests.

Virtual Team Trivia Session 

Time: 15+ mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Mental engagement and team bonding

Fun Factor: Very High

Want to play a trivia game that’s collaborative instead of competitive? Random Trivia Generator is a free online tool that you can use to generate an endless stream of trivia questions that your team can collaboratively solve.

This is a more relaxed way to enjoy trivia that is reminiscent of gathering in the break room to enjoy the newspaper quiz. It’s perfect for bringing that homely office feel to your virtual workplace and letting employees take a break and enjoy each others’ company during a busy day.

Get more ideas for fun, virtual trivia games.

Virtual Team Building Activities With Food

Virtual Cooking Classes

Time: 60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform, food kits

Benefits: Team bonding, delicious food

Fun Factor: Very High

Host a virtual cooking class for your team to get them out of the virtual office and into an incredibly fun activity that will teach them valuable skills they can cherish for life.

Just because you work remotely doesn’t mean you can’t cook together. Hooray Teams offers a ton of virtual cooking classes that are perfect for every team, with events including Virtual Pizza Making, Pasta Cooking Classes, Dumpling Making Classes, and even Chocolate Candy Making

Take a look at even more awesome cooking classes from Hooray Teams.

Charcuterie Nights

Time: 60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform, food

Benefits: Socialization and boosted morale

Fun Factor: High

Nothing brings people together quite like food, so why not host a virtual charcuterie night where you send your team all the ingredients they need to set up a gorgeous charcuterie board, and then have a chat while assembling and showing off your creations.

You and your team will learn to expertly arrange charcuterie centerpieces with smoked meats, cut vegetables and jams, gourmet cheese, sweet spreads, and other delicious options. You can also include nuts, fresh fruits, lettuce, and mint as tasty or flavorful accents. 

Afterward, you’ll put everything together in a beautiful charcuterie setup that might look so nice you don’t won’t even want to eat it! It’s a fun and simple way to let your team get creative as they design their charcuterie board. Plus, it can boost morale and bring the team closer together as they enjoy making and eating it together.

For more food related team building activities check out these virtual cooking classes.

Virtual Cocktail Making Classes

Hooray teams - Virtual cocktail making class

Time: 60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform, cocktail ingredients

Benefits: Team bonding and boosted morale

Fun Factor: Very High

Virtual happy hour sounds like a blast, but without a fun activity to base it around, it can be a little challenging to get the good times rolling. That’s why we recommend turning your social drinks into an immersive activity with cocktail making classes.

Supplying everyone with ample ingredients and walking them through some fun recipes yourself is an uphill battle, and you want to be able to enjoy the evening as well so why not take things up a notch with a Hooray Teams Cocktail Making Class? Accompanied by a leading bartender, you and your team will learn to shake and stir your favorite cocktails, be it classic concoctions or trendy new mixes. Also, learn fascinating tidbits about cocktail history and bartending as you sip your own signature drinks. 

You and your team also have the option of having a DIY cocktail kit delivered straight to your doorstep, so you don’t need to worry about tracking down all the ingredients. If you want some fun things to do with your colleagues, this makes one of the ideal virtual team building activities for team birthday parties, farewell parties, or just a friendly get-together. 

Learn more about hosting a virtual cocktail night right here.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Time: 60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Team bonding and boosted morale

Fun Factor: Very High

Love the idea of getting together with your colleagues for a memorable hour of wine tasting? Immerse yourselves in appreciating different flavors, aromas, and tastes of ton of varieties of fine wines by booking a virtual wine tasting with Hooray Teams.

Everyone on your team will be sent a curated wine-tasting kit containing 10-12 mini wines as well as tasting guides and instruction manuals. An expert wine sommelier who takes you through the origin, production, and tasting process and so much more. At the end of your time, you and your team will expand your wine knowledge while sipping with good company.

Get more exciting happy hour ideas for your remote team.

Virtual Coffee Tasting

Time: 60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform, coffee

Benefits: Relaxation and communication

Fun Factor: High

We all love chitchat over coffee, but what if you could elevate that experience by truly appreciating the diverse varieties of coffee available? A Virtual Coffee Tasting Experience from Hooray Teams offers you exactly that. In this interactive session, participants will experience a journey through the rich flavors and aromas of various coffee beans from around the world. Best of all, the coffee will all be provided for you.

Guided by a seasoned coffee connoisseur, team members will learn about the origins, processing methods, and unique characteristics of each coffee selection. You and your team can cap off your class with a Q&A session where you can delve deeper into the world of coffee. 

Bonus tip: If coffee is not your cup of tea, why don’t you go for a Tea tasting class, Whiskey Tasting Classes or Bourbon Tasting Classes

Virtual Team Building Fitness Activities

Guided Meditation Classes

Time: 60+ mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Relaxation and positive health outcomes

Fun Factor: High

Work can be stressful sometimes, and when you’re working remotely it’s easy to just sit with the tension and not do anything about it. A great way to counteract this is by getting your team to gather online to take part in a virtual guided meditation session.

Hooray Teams offers a great Guided Meditation session hosted by a meditation master, and it’s a great way to take some time out of your day to look inward, reduce stress and improve the mental and physical wellbeing of your team.

Check out these other great Virtual Meditation Classes we know you’ll love.

Virtual Office Olympic Games

Time: 60+ mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Improved team-work and healthy competition

Fun Factor: Very High

Want to embrace the time-honored tradition of the Olympics that celebrates athleticism and competitive spirit?  Then, simply sign up for Virtual Office Olympic Games by Hooray Teams. Compete head-to-head with your colleagues as you play a series of virtual team building exercises, collaborative challenges, interactive games, and activities. 

A professional host will be there to guide you through the virtual team events, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants. These thrilling activities let you and your team return to the workplace with plenty of laughs, bonding, and memories. 

Bonus tip: Come up with some creative team names and get your workplace to design their own team banners or flags to add an extra element of fun and camaraderie to the Virtual Office Olympic Games.

Online Zumba Classes

Time: 30-60 mins

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Physical fitness, team morale

Fun Factor: High

If you are up for some upbeat music and energetic group exercise, then Zumba workouts are an outstanding option for your virtual team building activities. You and your team will groove to pulsating rhythms while melting away stress and calories. Through synchronized movements and infectious energy, participants not only enhance their physical fitness but also bond over shared enthusiasm for movement. You can either sign up for an online class led by a certified Zumba instructor or you could find a class online and send it to your team. 

Take a look at our favorite online Zumba classes.

Stretch Challenge

Time: 10-15 min sessions

Tools: Video conferencing platform

Benefits: Physical fitness, relaxation

Fun Factor: Medium

Regularly stretching is incredibly important for everyone who spends long days working in a desk, and encouraging your team to stretch, and giving them the time to do it can be incredibly beneficial to their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The trouble is, most people don’t particularly like to stretch. That’s where a stretching challenge comes in. With tools like StretchIt and Start Stretching you can get your team to stretch together to try and reach goals like stretching everyday for 30 days and beyond!

You can create video calls to lead your team through guided stretches, or send out stretching routines so they can do it when the time is right for them.

Get more ideas for team building activities that focus on employee health and wellness.

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