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25 Best Side Hustles You Can Do From Home

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Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on FlexJobs.com.

Your day job may be your dream job, but it may not be enough. It might not provide the income you want or have enough security to make you feel stable. Or, you might have stopped growing professionally but aren’t ready to leave.

Whatever the reasons, a side job may be the answer to whatever it is you’re experiencing, whether it’s to make extra money by earning cash from home, learn new skills, or network with people in your field.

According to a FlexJobs survey of over 2,000 employed professionals, nearly 1 in 3 respondents said they have at least one side job, and among those, more than 11% have more than one side job.

Additionally, 38% of survey respondents said they are looking for a side job. That means that more than two-thirds (69%) of currently employed professionals either have a side job or want one.

But there’s no job category titled “side hustle.” So, what exactly is a side hustle? And how do you go about finding one that’s right for you? We’ve got some tips on researching and landing a second job from home.

What Is a Side Job?

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Call it a side hustle, a side gig, or even moonlighting, a side job is one you take on in addition to your primary job. You can do it as a remote job, part-time, seasonally, or even occasionally. Many people use side jobs to learn new skills, test-drive a career change, or pursue a passion.

A side hustle is an activity that allows you to work and earn money outside of your regular job. It can be freelance, flexible schedule, or gig-based work in various industries.

Unlike traditional employment, side jobs are often flexible and allow you to set your hours. This can make side hustling perfect for people with busy schedules who want extra income on their terms.

Where side hustles vary from traditional employment is in the compensation. Side hustles do not typically come with benefits, like health insurance or retirement plans. Side hustlers are generally looking for extra income or work experience to boost their careers, rather than formal benefit packages.

Also, side hustles are generally not considered the same as part-time jobs, even if you work part-time hours. When you work in an official part-time role, your employer formally dictates your schedule.

On the contrary, side hustles are typically more individualized, with scheduling freedom being a massive incentive. This makes it easier to balance a side hustle with a full-time job and personal commitments.

How to Level Up Your Career With a Side Hustle Job

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Many professionals seek side hustles to supplement retirement, pay bills, and boost their savings accounts. But finances aren’t the only reason you might desire a side hustle.

A side hustle can be a great way to level up your career. For starters, side hustles allow you to learn new skills that are valuable in the job market.

For example, you may pick up digital marketing or coding skills, which could help you when applying for jobs.

If you’re looking for a career change, side hustles offer an excellent way to build a portfolio while maintaining the security of your full-time role.

Plus, having a side hustle can demonstrate to employers that you’re ambitious and driven. It shows them that you take initiative and are willing to go the extra mile for success.

This can help you stand out among other applicants and give you an edge in landing a job opportunity.

25 Best Side Hustles From Home (Side Gigs)

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Fortunately, the increase in remote jobs has created more opportunities than ever for people to find lucrative, flexible side gigs. And many of these jobs are in the FlexJobs database.

Below are 25 online side jobs with active listings on our site. These positions are from a variety of industries and career levels. We’ve also included the average hourly salary from Payscale. (Please note that average hourly wages will vary by location.)

  1. Bookkeeper ($19 per hour)
  2. Career Coach ($24 per hour)
  3. Curriculum Writer ($33 per hour)
  4. Copy Editor ($25 per hour)
  5. Customer Service Representative ($16 per hour)
  6. Editor ($27 per hour)
  7. Executive Assistant ($29 per hour)
  8. Graphic Designer ($24 per hour)
  9. Health Coach ($23 per hour)
  10. Interpreter ($22 per hour)
  11. Lead Generation Specialist ($15 per hour)
  12. Medical Coder ($21 per hour)
  13. Online ESL Teacher ($23 per hour)
  14. Project Manager ($37 per hour)
  15. Proofreader ($19 per hour)
  16. Recruiter ($27 per hour)
  17. Resume Writer ($24 per hour)
  18. Search Engine Evaluator ($24 per hour)
  19. Social Media Manager ($26 per hour)
  20. Tech Support ($20 per hour)
  21. Test Prep Instructor ($19 per hour)
  22. Travel Consultant ($21 per hour)
  23. Tutor ($19 per hour)
  24. Virtual Assistant ($17 per hour)
  25. Writer ($29 per hour)

Types of Remote Side Hustles

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The time has never been better to find a side hustle. With the growth in technology, you’re no longer limited to what you can find within your home city.

Finding a flexible side hustle you can pursue from your home office means no commuting costs eating into your time and income. Consider some of the following possibilities.

1. Freelance Work

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Many side hustlers find success in the freelance world. Freelancing is a great way to earn extra income while still having flexibility and control over your schedule.

You can decide which projects you take on, how much you commit to, and when you work. Plus, there are many fields of freelance work — from writing and editing to web design and data entry.

2. Gig-Based Work

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Gig work, such as driving for a ride-share service, dog walking, or grocery delivery services, can easily be scheduled around your existing obligations.

Plus, these side hustles require no additional training or prior experience.

You might tap into your passions and begin tutoring online or locally. Or, you could dig out your camera to offer photography. The possibilities are endless.

3. Online Flexible Jobs

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Many remote professionals are finding success with a flexible contract role. Consider offering your services as a bookkeeper, a social media manager, or a virtual assistant.

Flexible work options might require a minimum number of hours each week or month. But you have the freedom to choose when your hours are completed.

How to Find the Right Side Hustle From Home

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If a side hustle sounds like it might be the best move for you right now, there are a few considerations before launching your search.

Like a traditional job search, finding the right side hustle for you should be a combination of planning and research.

Identify your goals, consider your skills and available time, and then use those to decide which side hustle is best for you.

1. Establish Your Side Hustle Goals

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Before starting your search, decide what you want to achieve through side hustling. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is my goal only to earn extra income?
  • If so, do I have a target amount?
  • How long do I want to be side hustling?
  • Am I investing in skills that will help my career?
  • Do I know exactly what skills I’m hoping to build?
  • Do I need other skills to launch and grow my side hustle?

Defining your goals can help determine the type of side hustle that best fits you.

Assess how much spare time you have for a side job. You don’t want to overschedule yourself and burn out on both of your jobs!

Figure out how much time a side hustle will really take, then determine how much free time you can devote to it. You may find that you only have one evening a week free or just one weekend day that you can spare.

2. Evaluate Your Strengths and Available Time

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Make a list of skills you already have that will help you land a side hustle.

And consider the hours of side hustle work you can commit to around your current job or other obligations. That will help you narrow down side hustles that may be a good fit for you.

If you’re taking a remote side job in your current field, you likely have many of the necessary skills.

But depending on the specifics, taking on a side job may mean that you’re the boss. You may need to learn bookkeeping skills or how to market your services.

If you’re using a side job to help you switch careers, make a list of your transferable skills to help you identify which skills you have and which ones you need to learn. You may need to take some classes to help close the gap.

3. Research Different Types of Side Hustles in Your Field

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Once you have some side hustles in mind, check out the competition. What services do competitors offer? And what kind of rates are they charging?

Researching side hustles like yours will give you a better idea of where to start and what’s possible.

4. Rebrand

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Update and optimize your LinkedIn profile to make it more relevant to the side jobs you’re pursuing. Include your wins, transferable skills, and technology proficiencies.

Also, consider including a new profile picture that’s more in line with your side hustle.

5. Seek Support

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As you start your remote side job, lean on personal and professional networks for support.

They may have experience with side jobs and can offer you insights and advice (or be a friendly ear when you need to vent).

6. Take a Test Run

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Before committing to any side hustle (especially if it’s in a new field), set up some informational interviews to get the scoop on what the industry is really like.

It’s also a great way to learn about the challenges you might face.

7. Watch for Red Flags

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Once you’ve started your remote side job, keep an eye out for any red flags.

Clients that don’t want to sign a contract, who are difficult to deal with, or who keep changing the project scope are people you may not want to work with.

8. Create a Plan to Find the Perfect Side Hustle for You

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With your side hustle goals and available resources in mind, create a plan to find the perfect side hustle.

Ensure you’re using SMART goals to establish actionable items, rather than wasting time surfing through endless job and gig postings.

For example, you might aim to research and pitch five freelance bookkeeping roles each week. That’s a much more robust plan than a vague goal of “apply to bookkeeping roles.”

Online Side Hustles in 2024 That Pay Well

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The side hustle you choose will depend on your skills, available time, and goals. But side hustles that generally provide the best potential returns require a specialized skill set.

Here are a few examples of side gigs that often pay well compared to other side hustles.

1. Freelance Writing Jobs

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As with most freelance roles, there are many variables in how much a freelance writer makes. Industry, experience, and skill level all factor into your earning potential.

Freelance writers may charge per hour or per assignment. And more in-demand roles, such as technical, medical, or legal writing, pay significantly more than other industries.

If you have the drive to build a portfolio and pitch your work, there’s great potential to make this a lucrative side gig.

2. Graphic Design Jobs

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Are you a Photoshop whiz? Or, do you have a knack for creating impactful visuals? Graphic design side hustles are great for professionals with an eye for design.

Rates vary dramatically depending on the project and skill level, but the average rate is about $45 per hour.

3. Social Media Management Jobs

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Every business needs a social media presence to compete in today’s online world. But not every company needs a full-time social media manager.

With scheduling tools, it’s easy to fulfill your commitments on your schedule. If you niche down your services to paid advertising or specific platforms, you can potentially demand an even higher rate.

The average pay for a social media manager is reported to be over $25 an hour.

4. Video Editing Jobs

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Video editing side hustles are great for content creators and multimedia professionals.

You can make an impressive side income if you’re skilled in editing video footage, audio production, color correction, or sound design.

Rates depend on the project’s complexity but average around $50 an hour.

5. Web Design Jobs

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Web design side hustles can be particularly lucrative, and they’re an excellent way to grow your portfolio if you’re seeking a career change.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that a web developer’s pay can range dramatically, between $22 and $75 an hour. Your salary will typically be determined by the amount of time and experience you have, as well as the quality of work you provide.

Starting Your Side Hustle

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By researching side hustles, evaluating your skills, and creating an action plan, you can determine if side hustling is right for you and find the side hustle that’s perfect for your goals.

With a little hard work and dedication, side hustling could be an excellent way to boost your income, expand your skill set, and gain experience in a new field.

And whatever side hustle you choose, the key to success is dedication. This means managing your side hustle with the care you would give to a full-time job or business.

Set up separate accounts for side hustle income and expenses, treat side hustling time like regular working hours, and stay organized to help you make the most of side hustling.

Remote side jobs are a great way to supplement your income working from home. But it’s also a great way to test out a career change, learn new skills, or grow your network.

A side hustle isn’t for everyone, but for many, it’s the first step toward financial security and career growth.

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