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21 Best Places to Sell Shoes For Cash Online (And Near You)

Looking for places to sell shoes? Look no further.

If you are anything like me, then you have a box of shoes that you mistakenly thought you would love. You may have loved them in the store, but once you got them home you just have not worn them that often.

It happens to all of us. In fact, I’m guilty of having a large box of shoes that I haven’t worn in more than six months.

I plan to eventually get rid of them, so I did some research on places to sell my old shoes. I had no idea how many I would find!

Hopefully, you will be able to find a new place for your shoes when you are finally ready to part with them. Sometimes extra cash is the best way to get started decluttering!

Let’s take a look at the many ways to sell shoes for cash.

Where to Sell Your Shoes Near You

One of the easiest ways to sell shoes for cash is to connect with buyers in your local area. Typically, a local buyer will be able to speed up the process. The faster they buy your shoes, the faster you’ll get your hands on some cash.

Selling to someone locally also means you won’t have to worry about getting to the post office or paying for shipping.

Remember to be safe when meeting up with a local buyer. Although it is great that they want to buy your shoes, you should use caution when setting up a meeting spot.

Try to choose a well-lit, public place during the day to arrange the swap. It is also a good idea to bring a friend along.

1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a virtual marketplace that makes it easy to sell shoes. It’s similar to Craigslist — you simply post your items online and connect with local buyers.

Once you have agreed on a price with an interested buyer, you can meet up to pass off the shoes in person.

This is an extremely convenient way to connect with local buyers. If you are already a Facebook user, then just go to your newsfeed. You should find a link to the Marketplace in the left-hand column.

2. 5 Miles

5 Miles homepage5 Miles homepage

5 Miles is a website where people can list stuff for sale in their community. The website is not just for shoes, but you are able to list your shoes on 5 Miles.

There is a fee to list your shoes on 5 Miles, but it might be worth it if you find a buyer. Once you list your stuff, you will be able to connect with local buyers.

You will agree on a price with the buyer. After the deal is completed, you will not have to pay any fees to 5 Miles.

The platform is available on iOS devices, Android devices and via your PC.

3. Shpock

Shpock is focused on local sales, so you will have the opportunity to connect with a buyer in your area.  A great feature of Shpock is that it does not charge any fees.

You can use the platform via iOS devices, Android devices and through their website.

4. Varage Sale

Just as the name suggests, this app is meant to be used as a virtual garage sale. It will allow you to sell your old shoes easily to someone in your neighborhood.

Varage Sale reviews each of its users before they are allowed to buy or sell anything. This added layer of security may help you feel safer about selling your shoes through this platform.

The platform is available as both an iOS and Android app.

5. OfferUp

OfferUp is another platform that is similar to Craigslist. You can buy or sell anything locally via OfferUp, including your shoes.

It is a free service, so you will not have to pay to list your shoes. Plus, OfferUP does not take a commission on your sale. So the cash is all yours!

In addition, you can now sell shoes online and ship them directly to the customer.

You can find the app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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6. Craigslist

We have mentioned many platforms that are “like Craigslist,” but Craigslist itself is another place to sell your old shoes locally.

Just list your shoes under the “clothes+ acc” (“acc” stands for “accessories”) option on the  Craigslist website for your area.

It is a free platform to use. The company has an app, but many people just use the website version of this platform.

7. Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange homepageBuffalo Exchange homepage

If you have a Buffalo Exchange store in your area, it may be a great way to get cash for your shoes quickly. The company buys and sells clothing and accessories through stores in 21 states, so they might be willing to buy your shoes.

Once you find a location, you should call ahead. Some stores might not be interested in buying shoes at the moment. It just depends on the demand of the area.

If you choose to sell your shoes here, then make sure to bring a government issued ID. The store will need to see it before they buy your shoes from you.

8. Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet is another chain of second-hand clothing stores that buy fashion for younger people. Generally, they are looking for clothes that should belong to a teenager or someone in their 20s.

The store also sells accessories, including shoes, which means they might be willing to buy your gently used shoes.

Plato’s Closet will buy a wide variety of footwear, as long as it is somewhat in fashion.

The process of selling to Plato’s Closet is very simple. You just have to find a store, bring your shoes to the front counter and someone will assess your items. The employee will give you an offer based on a variety of factors.

If you choose to accept the offer, then you can take cash on the spot. If you decline the offer, you can walk out of the store with your shoes.

9. Uptown Cheapskate

Uptown Cheapskate is a company with 70 locations around the country. The stores sell upscale clothing and accessories, so if that description fits your shoes, this may be a good place to sell.

Unlike a consignment store, you can get paid right away. Just take your shoes to a Uptown Cheapskate location. An employee will evaluate your shoes and decide if they want to buy your shoes. Once they give you an offer, you will be able to take cash on the spot.

10. Crossroads Trading

Crossroads Trading is another used fashion chain that may buy your shoes.

You can take your shoes to a nearby store to sell. When they give you an offer, keep in mind that you have two options.

If you take store credit, then you will receive 50% of what Crossroad Trading plans to sell your shoes for. However, if you choose to take cash, then you will only get 33% of that planned sale price.

Places to Sell Shoes Online

Sometimes you just do not want to deal with seeing another person. The good news is, that you can find a buyer for your shoes completely virtually. The downside is that you will have to deal with shipping costs and the other hassles of getting to a post office.

Luckily, we live in a modern world that offers a variety of ways for us to sell our things, including shoes. You have many options for selling your shoes online, so you may want to check out a few different ones to get the best price.

11. eBay

eBay homepageeBay homepage

eBay is one of the best places to sell shoes online. The platform is very popular, so you may have a better chance of finding a buyer than on a smaller site.

Unfortunately, you will also have to pay fees to eBay. The site charges an upfront fee for some listings, plus they will take a commission of 10% once your shoes sell.

You can use the platform through their iOS app, Android app or on their website.

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12. Mercarci

Mercari is an app where you can sell a variety of items, including selling your shoes online.

Listing your shoes should be a very simple process. Just upload a picture of them and add a description.

There is no fee to post your item on Mercarci. However, there is a 10% fee for all sales transactions. You will have to pay a $2 fee for Direct Deposit requests that are under $10.

You can use Mercarci through their iOS app, Android app, or the Mercarci website.

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13. The RealReal

The RealReal is a website that focuses on luxury fashion. It is a great place to sell high-end clothes, designer shoes, and other accessories.

Most of the items on this website are from high-end brands. So if you have pricy shoes in your closet, this is a great place to sell them.

The process to list your shoes is simple. First, you have to mail your items to The RealReal. The company will verify that your shoes are authentic (no counterfeits of designer brands allowed). After they have decided that the shoes are really designer shoes, they will list your shoes.

There are no listing fees for your shoes, but the commission is very high. Depending on your listing, the commission could be anywhere from 15% to 45%.

Nevertheless, if The RealReal helps you find the right buyer then the commission may be worth it. The client base of The RealReal is looking for high-end shoes, so it’s possible the right buyers will see your shoes.

You can use The RealReal platform through their iOS and Android apps, or The RealReal website.

14. Kixify

Kixify is the perfect place to sell sneakers. The website is one of the largest sneaker marketplaces available. The shoes on the site range from sensible walking shoes to higher-end Air Jordans.

It is free to list your shoes on Kixify. However, Kixify will take an 8% commission when your shoes sell. That may seem steep, but it is less expensive than some other sites like eBay or The RealReal charge.

In order to use Kixify, you will need to have a PayPal account set up. The money you make will be sent to you via PayPal.

You can sell shoes through the Kixify iOS and Android apps, or on their website.

15. Poshmark

Poshmark has become one of the most popular places to sell clothes, shoes, and other accessories online.

The focus of Poshmark is fashion items, but unlike some other fashion-focused platforms, it accepts shoes that do not have a designer label. Many of us have regular brands in our closet, and if you’re one of them, this could be a great place to start selling your shoes.

There is no fee to list your shoes on Poshmark, and Poshmark handles the shipping for free, too. You even determine the selling price. After the sale has been made, Poshmark will send you a prepaid shipping label to use to send your shoes to the buyer.

You will have to pay a steep commission on the sale, though. For any sales under $15, you will pay a fee of $2.95. For any sales over $15, you will pay a fee of 20%.

To list your shoes on Poshmark, use their iOS app, Android app, or their website.

16. Grailed

Guys, this one is just for you! Grailed specializes in high-end men’s clothing and fashion. You can sell your old shoes here, but they will need to be in great condition.

Once you list your shoes on the site, you just have to wait for a buyer to make an offer. If you get multiple offers, you can choose to accept them all. The buyer who pays first will get your shoes.

Before you list your shoes, make sure to include the shipping cost. After you make the sale, Grailed will take a commission of 6%. In order to get your money, you will need to have a PayPal account.

Before you get started, you will have to become a member of the site, which you can do for free.

17. Heroine

Heroine is owned by the same folks who own Grailed and is meant to be the women’s version of Grailed. It has the exact same setup as Grailed, but the listings have to be for women buyers. The shoes should be high-end designer brands.

As with Grailed, you will need to create a membership account before you can get started selling your shoes here. You can do that for free.

18. Depop

Depop is an online marketplace for used men’s and women’s fashions and accessories. The site says it caters to the creative community.

To list your shoes, they must be in good condition. It is free to list the shoes, but Depop will take a 10% commission once the shoes sell. In certain cases, the company will take an even higher percentage.

After the sale, you will have to deal with all of the shipping costs yourself. Plus, if the buyer wants to return the shoes then you will be responsible for that transaction.

The company pays via PayPal.

19. Vinted

Vinted homepageVinted homepage

Vinted is another online marketplace for clothing and accessories. It has a large selection of shoes, in categories ranging from platforms to Wellington boots.

It is free to list your shoes. You can do that by posting a picture with a description of the shoes you are selling.

Vinted provides a prepaid shipping label for the shoes, and it will pay you via credit card or PayPal. Note, however, that Vinted will take a 19% commission (capped at $5).

To start listing your shoes download the iOS or Android app or visit the Vinted website.

20. thredUP

With thredUp you can send your shoes to the company in a “Clean Out” bag at no charge.

Once your shoes are there, employees will decide whether or not they want them. If they choose to buy the shoes, you will be paid up to 80% of the resale value via PayPal.

You may be paid immediately or have to wait until the shoes sell. The details will depend on the items.

If the thredUP employees decide they don’t want to list your shoes, then they will donate them for free. You can also get your shoes returned to you, but you will have to pay a $12.99 shipping fee.

21. ASOS Marketplace

If you have over 15 pairs of vintage shoes that you want to sell, then this may be your best option. You can open a boutique on the site and sell your vintage shoes there.

The difficult part of this option is the 15-item minimum. It sounds like a lot, but you may find that you have that many pairs that you want to get rid of. You can find out more about the requirements on the ASOS Marketplace website.

What Determines the Value of Your Shoes?

Before selling shoes for cash, you should know what determines the value. This ensures you’ll ask for the right price and sell them quickly.


Like clothes, certain brands sell for more money than others. A quick online or social media search will tell you which brands are trending. You can also check out how much others sell shoes for cash to determine how popular the brand is.

The more popular the brand, the higher the value.

If you got your hands on a pair of limited edition or hard-to-find shoes, you’d likely get even more for them. Often, limited-edition shoes sell for more than they are worth because people want them so badly.


Never-worn shoes will be worth more than shoes you wear often. If you bought a pair of shoes and never wore them, you can sell them ‘new with tag’ and get the highest price.

However, if you did wear them, it doesn’t mean you can’t get a good price, but look for any signs of excessive wear and tear as they will reduce the value.

These factors include:

  • Holes
  • Stains
  • Scuff marks
  • Worn down soles

Supply and Demand

Since the pandemic, supply has not been as excessive as it used to be. So if you have shoes everyone is trying to get their hands on, but no stores have in stock, you’ll likely get more than they are worth when selling them.

Tips for Selling Shoes

So how do you make the most money selling shoes? Here are the top tips that helped me make the most money.

Clean and Polish the Shoes

Make the shoes look their best. If you wore them, clean them, removing any dirt or scuff marks. Make them look brand new, and they’ll sell much faster than if they look like you just wore them and threw them online to sell them.

Take Attractive Photos

Take photos in good lighting and from many angles. Let buyers feel like they’re seeing them in person because your pictures are that good. Use a solid background, natural sunlight, or ring light to show off the shoes.

Price Competitively

Check out what others sell their shoes for and price yours accordingly. If you have a pair that’s never been worn, for example, you might sell them for a little more than a used pair sold for. So do your research and figure out how to beat the competition.


You have many options when it comes to selling your shoes for cash, which may help to motivate you to clean out your closet. Less clutter and more cash is always a great thing!

In order to get the most cash for your shoes, you may want to list them on multiple platforms. You have a higher chance of selling your shoes if more people see the listing.

Each selling platform has its pros and cons. Be sure to evaluate the convenience and cost of any platform before you get started.

If you want to sell other kinds of stuff from around your house, then you have plenty of options. Each category of items has several selling platform options. You can sell general household items, clothes, old electronics, and more.

Selling your old stuff might become your favorite way to make extra cash. And if you are trying to cut down on the number of things you have in your house, it could be a double win!