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15 Morning Jobs You Can Do From Home — and 10 Companies Hiring

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Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on FlexJobs.com.

A remote morning job could be your ideal fit if you prefer to work in the early hours of the day.

The world of flexible work has grown beyond traditional 9-to-5 schedules, and flexible work options are available to fit every scheduling need, whether that’s afternoon work hours, condensed four-day workweeks, overnight jobs, or weekend jobs. Morning jobs are another option to explore as you’re defining your ideal work-life blend.

So, if you’ve always believed in the joy of rising before the sun, rest assured that you can find a remote morning job that fits your lifestyle and career goals. But before you start exploring jobs and companies hiring, let’s ensure we’re on the same page about what a morning job actually is.

What Is a Morning Job?

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A morning job starts early in the day before traditional office hours. Early morning jobs appeal to those who like to begin work before the rest of the world has its eyes open.

And early morning jobs you can do from home provide uninterrupted work time when you’re juggling other scheduling commitments, such as caring for your kids, and align well with demanding school schedules or a side hustle.

If you know that morning jobs are the ideal fit for your schedule or productivity rhythms, you’ve likely noticed that “morning job” isn’t a readily available search filter on job boards. Instead, you’ll have to get a bit creative, using other scheduling terms to find the best job fit. Add a few more clarifying terms to narrow the results down to your ideal schedule.

For example, if you’re looking for a hybrid remote job, you might search for “morning jobs near me” or “part-time morning jobs near me” to limit search results by geography.

Beyond local jobs, you can expand your results by including alternative and flexible schedule jobs. Schedules like these don’t limit you to a traditional 9-to-5 schedule and will often offer the early morning remote jobs you’re seeking.

15 Morning Jobs You Can Do From Home

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You can find early morning remote jobs in every sector, but we’ve gathered a list of alternative schedule jobs and flexible schedule jobs that can be performed during morning hours to help you strategize your job search and career.

1. Call Center Jobs

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Mornings can be incredibly hectic for call center agents, especially for businesses handling customer calls across different time zones. Call center roles usually include responding to inquiries and making sales calls in outbound call jobs or helping to resolve problems in inbound call jobs.

2. Coding Jobs

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If you’re a software developer or have basic coding skills, there are plenty of opportunities for morning jobs in the tech industry. From web development to apps, there’s no shortage of roles offering flexible schedules and the chance to work at the time of day when you’re most productive.

3. Consulting Jobs

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Consulting positions often support early morning business meetings and presentations, making them an excellent fit for professionals who thrive in the early hours.

Whether you land a role as a business consultant or health care consultant, you can work from home and meet virtually or travel to your clients, giving you control over your schedule.

4. Customer Service Jobs

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Supporting businesses in every industry, customer service needs exist around the clock, with the busiest hours often starting in the wee hours of the morning.

If you’re a tech whiz, you might enjoy a job in technical support. Or, you could put your language skills to work as a bilingual customer service representative.

5. Cybersecurity Jobs

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Cybersecurity is becoming increasingly critical. In a cybersecurity role, you’ll analyze and protect systems from digital threats and offer input on security policies. Put your computer and IT skills to work in the quiet early morning hours when you can focus without distractions.

6. Data Entry Jobs

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A morning job in data entry requires little more than a computer and a quiet space. If you’re looking for flexibility and you tend to be detail-oriented and organized, explore morning-friendly jobs like data entry clerk.

7. Editing Jobs

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Editing positions can be an ideal fit for wordsmiths who prefer to work when the rest of the world is still struggling to open their eyes. From proofreading to content editing, there’s always a need for a fresh set of eyes.

8. Email Jobs

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Email marketing jobs are an excellent fit for early risers. You’ll be a vital part of the marketing strategy. Blend data analytics and creative marketing as an email marketing specialist or email marketing manager.

9. Graphic Design Jobs

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Set the tone for the day with creative work in graphic design. From logos to marketing materials, your artistry can make a significant impact. Find your ideal fit in roles ranging from digital design to print design.

10. Medical and Health Jobs

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Mornings are an ideal time to get work done when you’re working in detail-oriented positions, such as medical coding or medical billing.

And with the right certifications, you might enjoy early morning clinical jobs, such as nursing.

11. Social Media Jobs

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Businesses need a strong social media presence, which means managing it around the clock. Morning-focused social media managers and social media specialists, for instance, craft posts, analyze data, and engage with followers.

12. Software Development Jobs

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Software development is another morning-friendly tech role where you’ll find employment with established companies looking for skilled workers.

Or, consider leveraging your expertise in programming languages, like Python or Ruby on Rails, to strike out on your own and build a freelance business.

13. Transcription Jobs

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Listen to and transcribe audio recordings into written text in a transcription job. Early mornings provide the quiet you need to thrive. Build your skills to work in medical transcription or legal transcription and boost your earning potential.

14. Web Design Jobs

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Much like graphic design, web design is another creative digital service that can be offered from home in the morning. Revamp business websites, create new ones, or optimize for search engines. To get started in web design, focus on a niche, such as WordPress or UX design.

15. Writing Jobs

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For the morning writer, the world is a blank page waiting to be filled as the world is just starting to wake up.

Work as a freelance writer, choosing your clients in niches such as technical writing or grant writing. Or, work in-house for a company as a content writer or copywriter.

10 Companies Hiring for Part-Time, Flexible, or Alternative Schedule Jobs

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To help you move from idea to action, here are companies known to offer part-time, flexible, or alternative schedule jobs that could fit your morning job criteria.


Woman accountant or tax expert or businesswoman using a laptop and a calculator to do finances or tax paperwork
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BELAY is an entirely remote virtual solutions firm. Renowned for promoting work-life balance through flexible scheduling, BELAY provides virtual administrative, web, and bookkeeping support, thriving on principles like gratitude and passion.

2. Cardinal Health

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Cardinal Health, a Fortune 500 health care leader, distributes medical products and pharmaceuticals globally, serving over 60,000 customers. Employing 50,000+ people globally, it offers competitive compensation and flexible work options, including part-time and remote roles in various sectors.

3. CVS Health

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CVS Health is a leader in health care services and prescriptions, managing over 9,500 pharmacy stores and 1,100 MinuteClinic locations. A merger with Aetna in 2018 enhanced its mission to improve consumer health care experiences.

4. Dynata

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Dynata, a global leader in first-party data collection, provides high-quality insights for marketing professionals from its vast network of consumer and business panels. Established in 1999, it supports flexible job arrangements, emphasizes a culture of innovation, and actively engages in volunteer initiatives.

5. Great Assistant

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Great Assistant is a firm specializing in providing entrepreneurs with top-tier executive and virtual assistants.

Focused on streamlining the hiring process, Great Assistant ensures the perfect assistant fit for every entrepreneur, backed by a comprehensive screening and training process.

6. Invitae

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Invitae aims to make genetic testing both accessible and affordable. With a company culture valuing teamwork, responsibility, and urgency, Invitae offers a variety of flexible work arrangements and has been recognized for supporting work-life balance.

7. Ripple Effect Communications

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Ripple Effect Communications specializes in management consulting and public policy for federal clients. Recognized for excellence, it supports large agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security and the National Human Genome Research Institute.

The company offers diverse job opportunities, including flexible and remote roles.

8. Robert Half International

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An industry frontrunner in professional staffing and consulting solutions worldwide, Robert Half International stands out for its award-winning work environment and extensive perks.

The firm opens doors to career paths in sectors such as legal, HR, and IT. It also emphasizes social responsibility, encouraging its workforce to engage in philanthropic efforts.

9. TELUS International

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Founded in 2005, TELUS International is a global IT company that enhances brands through customer experience and digital solutions.

With 30,000+ team members across 20 countries, it offers competitive salaries, benefits, and remote jobs in various fields. TELUS International serves the technology, financial, gaming, travel, and health care industries.

10. UnitedHealth Group

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UnitedHealth Group offers insurance coverage and tech-enabled health services. Recognized for its comprehensive benefits and flexible work culture, it empowers a global team dedicated to enhancing health and wellness worldwide.

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