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10 Profitable Business Ideas (real examples + how to start)

A business venture is any entrepreneurial enterprise that’s created to make money.

Yes, that encompasses a LOT of different things. Anything from restaurants to multimillion-dollar Silicon Valley tech startups to even the lemonade stand run by your neighbor’s kid can be considered a business venture.

Creating a successful business venture isn’t about luck, securing funding from angel investors, or finding the right motivational quote to post on your Instagram. It actually has to do with math.

Let’s take a look at an example:

Imagine you have a business. Your business releases a product that costs just $50. If you sold just one product a month, you’d have $600 at the end of the year. Not too shabby — but what if you scaled it a bit more?

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That is the power of having a business venture. You can scale it to be as profitable as you want it to be. This opens the doors to flexibility, freedom, and living your Rich Life.

If you want to start a successful and profitable business venture, all you need is the right idea — which brings us to profitability.