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10 Fun, Uplifting Remote Jobs That Are Hiring

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Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared on FlexJobs.com.

Bringing positivity and happiness to our lives can sometimes be a struggle. It takes intention and dedication to overcome many of the harder things life throws our way.

But your job doesn’t have to be one of those harder things. Many jobs have some element of positivity and happiness — or just sound fun to do. That’s why we compiled a list of fun, uplifting remote jobs hiring now.

We hope you’ll take it in the lighthearted spirit intended!

1. Companion Events Operations Representative

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The American Kennel Club is the United States’ premier organization for all aspects of purebred dogs.

The companion events operations representative processes event applications and event results for the organization’s Agility, Rally, and Scent events and provides detailed analyses of information supplied by customers.

This is a full-time, hybrid remote job open to applicants in Raleigh, North Carolina.

2. Creative Editor

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PetLab Co. is a professional animal-lover community that develops grooming supplies, vitamin supplements, and other pet products, as well as providing expert advice to maximize the health and well-being of all pets.

The creative editor will craft and edit compelling ads, contribute to photo shoots, develop scripts, and produce new ideas and angles for actors, customers, and influencers. This is a full-time, 100% remote job open to applicants in Austin, Texas.

3. Environment Surfacing Senior Artist

Video Game Designer
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Skydance Media is a global entertainment company that delivers diversified, blockbuster content in animation, film, and sports, as well as on interactive and new media platforms.

The senior artist will work with various teams to create the desired environment looks in a range of styles. This is a full-time, hybrid remote job open to applicants in Madrid, Spain.

4. Metadata Specialist, Movies and TV Shows

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Welocalize is a global translation and localization company that helps brands capture business worldwide by reaching, engaging, and growing their international audiences through multilingual content and data transformation.

The metadata specialist will monitor, curate, and improve the quality of the company’s products and partner data integrations.

This is a full-time, freelance, 100% remote job open to applicants in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

5. Partner Campaign Project Manager — Sports Events

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Aquent Talent, a division of global work solutions company Aquent, describes itself as a leader in talent and recruiting for marketing, creative, and design fields. The project manager will coordinate and execute partner marketing campaigns for live sports events, as well as analyze and optimize campaigns.

This is a temporary, hybrid remote job open to applicants in Seattle, Washington.

6. Showroom Stylist

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MM.LaFleur is a female-founded clothing company that specializes in wardrobe solutions for professional women.

The showroom stylist will partner with clients both on-site in the company’s Bryant Park store in Manhattan and via virtual appointments to provide advice and product recommendations tailored to their needs.

This is a full-time, optional remote job open to applicants in New York City, New York.

7. Social Media Producer

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TheSkimm is on a mission to change the way millennials receive news and information. The Daily Skimm is the company’s inaugural product and is the fastest-growing email newsletter on the market, with over 4 million active subscribers.

The social media producer will produce static and video content to engage and grow the company’s audiences via its social media platforms. This is a full-time, optional remote job open to applicants in New York City, New York.

8. Test Cook

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America’s Test Kitchen helps “curious cooks become confident cooks” by discovering why recipes work — and why they don’t — and sharing this information with people to help them cook with confidence.

The test cook will research and develop delicious, original, fail-proof recipes, as well as write recipe development essays and, as needed, cook for photo shoots. This is a full-time, hybrid remote job open to applicants in Boston, Massachusetts.

9. Video and Motion Design Editor

Full stack developer
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Kooth is a mental health care company based in the United Kingdom that provides digital mental health services to a variety of clients, specifically focusing on children and young people, adults, employers, and students.

The video and motion design editor will create and enhance video content with graphics, music, narration, and sound effects. This is a full-time, 100% remote job open to U.S. applicants nationwide.

10. Web Developer — Gaming, Poker

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CyberCoders is a division of the leading global staffing solutions firm ASGN and a proven leader in staffing and recruiting services across several industries.

The web developer will perform web maintenance and general website work and must like gaming and poker. This is a full-time, 100% remote job open to applicants in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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